Are Millennials Interested in Logistics?


Are Millennials Interested in Logistics?

When you hear the word logistics, what jobs come to mind? Most people picture a truck driver over the road or someone stocking shelves in a warehouse. Because of this, many millennials don’t consider a career in logistics. But this field offers a lot more than the jobs you first picture and is not an industry to overlook. Read on to find out why millennials should be interested in logistics. 


Career paths in logistics are growing and becoming more common. Why is this? The median age for an employee in this industry is 55, thus making 30 percent of the workforce inching closer to retirement, leaving a shortage of workers. 

Many industries need the logistics field to operate, such as food, pharmaceutical, and medical fields. The need for logistics employees is crucial, making the new target audience for the supply chain industry Millennials and Generation “Z”. The struggle has been how to effectively attract, keep, and mold this specific age group that often turns their heads away from a logistics career path.


Industry experts wonder why these generations aren’t attracted to this industry. One main reason is that young adults don’t see this field as a long-term career path. Trucking isn’t seen as an ideal career for them, nor does logistics carry the same connotation as other fields, like the medical industry which connotes prestige and excellence. Yet, Millennials don’t dive into the importance of logistics. This industry is an untapped pool of growth opportunities, well-paid jobs, and more. 


Millennials and Gen “Z” have invaluable aspects that are a necessity in a business’s operations. One key factor is that Millennials grew up around technology. They grew up with a focus on the internet, social media, and cell phones. Because of their tech-driven lifestyles, they can quickly adapt to new technology. Whether that be running social media accounts, fixing minor IT issues, or improving business involvement online. The logistics field is becoming more technology-based and with these tech-savvy employees, running and operating a business becomes more efficient. 

Another advantage Millennials bring to the logistics force is highly educated, focused, and driven individuals. Millennials grew up with the expectation of going to college. That is why 45 percent of Millennials hold a bachelor’s degree compared to Baby Boomers at only 18 percent. With this in mind, Millennials offer businesses fresh perspective and a hard work ethic. 

One final advantage of Millennials in logistics is they are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Millennials are not afraid to speak out on inefficiencies or wrongdoings. They are very effective in pointing out weaknesses and finding a solution to the problems. 


It’s important to understand what Millennials and Generation “Z” look for in a workplace environment so you can attract and keep these talented individuals. One important value to this generation is having the opportunity to grow. People in this generation focus on where their profession can take them. When they see an opportunity, they often take action. Seeing opportunities can mean giving a job a deeper meaning, doing constant performance evaluations, and expressing what path they want their career to take them. Millennials are goal-oriented, so if they see targets for themselves, they will work hard and become more driven to meet those goals. 

Another area that holds value to Millennials is flexibility. This could be anything from having a casual dress code, flexible hours, or the option to work remotely. Millennials take everything into consideration when it comes to their careers. This generation looks not only at the wages for a position, but also the work environment, the benefits, and the company culture.


Trinity Logistics is a third-party logistics company (3PL), offering People-Centric Freight Solutions®. Our mission is to deliver creative logistics solutions through a dynamic mix of human ingenuity and innovative technology, enriching the lives of those we serve. To accomplish this, we must start by enriching the lives of our Team Members

We do this by working with the best-in-class technology, offering a casual dress code, and many benefits like career advancement opportunities, leadership training, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and more.

Perhaps you’re thinking, this isn’t enough. Well, we regularly hold fun team-building activities, an annual awards ceremony, monthly recognition and appreciation, and a wellness program. We believe happy Team Members lead to better business. And it’s proven true for 40 years and counting. 

Additionally, we offer several internships year-round. This gives young individuals the opportunity to gain meaningful career experience and insight into logistics to see if it’s the right fit for them. Through our internships, we help our community grow by helping to grow young leaders. If you’re interested in learning more about how Trinity Logistics is Different on Purpose and to see available opportunities, 


Author: Turner Lee