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Do you find your industry’s logistics needs complicated? Great, because providing you with solutions so you can focus on growing your business is what Trinity Logistics does best. With more than 40 years in business, we’ve handled our fair share of complicated situations. Let us help you simplify yours.

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Construction and manufacturing industries often deal with oversized loads that are far from one-size-fits-all. You have to worry about having the proper carrier equipment, meeting state regulations, determining the safest routes, and more – all while still managing to stay on top of tight deadlines.

Choosing to work with Trinity Logistics means choosing a provider that has the experience with your challenges in transportation and can help you overcome them. 

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Trinity Logistics works with thousands of shippers in the food and beverage industry, making us well-versed in its requirements and regulations. As a Burris Logistics Company, we are uniquely qualified to arrange solutions across your entire supply chain. Equipped with state of the industry technology, working with us means you can feel at ease knowing your product is well taken care of during transportation.


Do you find your chemical shipping needs complicated?

You can trust that your chemical or hazardous freight is in safe hands when choosing to have that freight arranged by Trinity Logistics. As a Responsible Care® Partner since 2009, we are committed to serving the chemical industry. Through our stringent carrier vetting process, you can reduce your risk by knowing the carrier handling your freight is experienced, certified, and aware of current regulations. We serve some of the top automotive, agricultural, industrial, and specialty chemical manufacturers, so you can trust that you will be well taken care of.


Looking for a 3PL with experience in Heavy Haul who communicates effectively regarding your high touch freight?

Building, lumber, and construction industries can face some unique challenges when shipping materials or products. You have to worry about having the proper carrier equipment, safety banners, state regulations, pilot cars, routes, and more. We know that your industry’s shipments do not come one-size-fits-all. At Trinity, we’ve developed an incredible strength in arranging shipments for all sorts of supplies (no matter the size) related to building and construction.


Shipping something else?

Do you ship products outside of the refrigerated, hazmat, and flatbed market? No problem! We also work with the packaging, manufacturing, consumer goods and appliances, and hemp industries, to name a few. Focus on making your product great and we’ll arrange to get it where it needs to be.


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