What Is LTL Freight? Guidebook for Beginners


What Is LTL Freight? Guidebook for Beginners

LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping is, arguably, one of the most confusing and complex areas when it comes to shipping freight. For a beginner, it can be overwhelming trying to learn all the ins and outs of LTL shipping – and some people don’t even know where to start! We recognized this common area of frustration and decided to publish a free guide for beginners. This awesome resource contains the following information (and more!):

  • What is LTL Freight?
  • Different Types of LTL Shipments
  • How Does an LTL Shipment Move from Origin to Destination?
  • LTL Transit Times
  • What Determines the Cost of LTL Freight?
  • How Can I Get a Discount or Deal When Shipping LTL?
  • What is an Accessorial Fee?
  • How Can I Get a Quote for the Cost of Shipping My LTL Freight?
  • Glossary of Terms

We hope this information helps get you up and running with LTL!