Advantages of Working with a Third-Party Logistics Provider


Advantages of Working with a Third-Party Logistics Provider

To broker, or not to broker? That is the question. Currently, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies operating in the United States are using third-party logistics providers, or 3PLs, to keep up with the rapidly changing supply chain world. Working with a broker isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies though. There is something for everyone when it comes to 3PLs.
Whether you’re a company that ships one pallet every-so-often or a truckload a day, a 3PL can help increase efficiencies in your supply chain and save you some time and money in the process. So how do you know when it’s time to jump into the world of third-party logistics? In this blog we’ll talk about what to look for when selecting a 3PL and some of the benefits of working with one like Trinity Logistics.

The right time to work with a 3PL

If you’re starting to question whether or not it’s time to start working with a 3PL, then it is definitely time to start reaching out and asking some questions. Take the time to lay out what your needs are and research some different companies to get an idea if they can meet those needs. Some things to look for when selecting a logistics company to work with are scalability, comprehensive transportation and warehousing options, technology offerings, and industry references, just to name a few.

What are the benefits of working with a 3PL like Trinity Logistics?

Saving time and money

Working with a 3PL will save you time and money in numerous ways. For example, instead of manually arranging all of your shipments, a 3PL can reach out to their large carrier network to facilitate your shipment and find the best possible rates in the process. This leaves you with more time to focus on your core business and invest your hard-earned money in other resources you may need. Additionally, 3PLs employ experts in the field so they can identify how your company may benefit from other logistics services, including anything from warehouse space to a transportation management software that will increase efficiencies.


When capacity is tight, you have options. With the increase in driver shortage, working with a 3PL gives you access to a large carrier network. Building relationships with a couple of sales representatives at a 3PL will open you up to a network of thousands of already vetted carriers. If you think that is great, working with a 3PL also opens the door to additional resources, like shipping by rail, expedited, and more. The goal is to provide you with whatever solution you need and safely getting your product from point A to point B.

Freight management

Time is of the essence when managing your freight. If you are using manual processes, chances are you’re finding yourself pressed for time when it comes to scheduling and tracking your freight, and managing unsuspected delays or breakdowns. When you choose to work with a 3PL, our team of logistics specialists monitors your shipment from start to finish and works out any issues that may arise.

One-stop shop

Trinity Logistics doesn’t just help to facilitate your shipments, we are truly a one-stop shop solutions provider. Not only do we have a top-notch Operations team, we have:

  • A Carrier Relations team that makes sure that everything needed for carrier compliance is on file. If something needs to be updated, a team member contacts the Carrier directly to get the necessary information.
  • A Customer Service team that helps to resolve incoming issues and educates our customers and carriers on utilizing web-based tools we offer.
  • A Billing team that maintains a high-level of quality and accuracy during the billing process.
  • A Claims team that works proactively to mitigate risk through education while identifying trends and proposes solutions to resolve any outstanding issues.

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