A Fresh Start for Freight Agents

02/23/2024 by Jennifer Hoffman

A Fresh Start for Freight Agents

Successful goal-setting is a necessity for Freight Agents to run prosperous businesses. If you’re feeling stuck with your goal setting, the Fresh Start Effect could help you achieve what you want.

If you perform a web search on the “Fresh Start Effect”, you’ll find a lot of articles and studies on the impact that a Fresh Start Date has on goal setting.  

What is a Fresh Start Date? 

It’s a date that signifies a clear end and a new beginning. New Year’s Day is the epitome of a fresh start date because you’re ending one year and starting a new one. However, a Fresh Start Date doesn’t have to be as well known as New Year’s Day. It can be any day that signifies a new beginning such as your birthday, Mondays, the first day of a new month, etc. 

Why Is a Fresh Start Date Important in Goal-Setting?

Studies show that people are more likely to commit to their goals when centered around a Fresh Start Date. It gives a boost to let go of the past, whether it’s a behavior that you would like to let go of or a new behavior that you would like to start.  

Tips for Freight Agents to Achieve Their Goals

If you’re looking to really set yourself up for success when setting your goals, here are some tips you can put into place.

1. Set Your Fresh Start Date  

Choose your Fresh Start date to give yourself an extra chance at committing to your goal!

2. Make It S.M.A.R.T.  

Using this tried-and-true goal setting method can help you become specific in what you are trying to accomplish. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, giving you a greater chance at seeing success. 

3. Know Your Why 

Make it personal. Why is this goal important to you? How will your life look different when it is accomplished? Goals that don’t have a personal why behind them can seem arbitrary and make it very easy to quit.

4. Write It Down and Share It!  

Writing down your goal in a place that you can see often, such as a daily planner, helps keep you focused on the goal. Having someone else aware of your goal also helps you stay accountable to yourself!

5. Plan Ahead 

This is the beauty of a Fresh Start Date. By knowing when you are going to start, you can put in the work ahead of time to close out your current chapter and begin the new one.  Whether it’s transitioning and delegating responsibilities or researching and learning so that you can hit the ground running on your fresh start date, having some pre-planning time will allow you to focus on the goal ahead.  

6. Celebrate! 

Having a significant reward or way to signify the achievement of a goal can help maintain motivation. For example, one goal that many of Trinity’s Independent Freight Agents have each year is to achieve Platinum status. This is a designation set aside for Agents that hit production goals in a calendar year. The reward for our Platinum Agents is an all-expense paid vacation for two! It’s a great way to recognize success, celebrate, and network with other Platinum agents so that you can start getting motivated for the next year!

One thing many people forget is that goals don’t just have to be professional; they can be personal, too. Whether you want to strengthen your relationships or learn a new skill, use these tips to get yourself there.  

How Trinity Helps Freight Agents Get a Fresh Start for Their Business

At Trinity, we plan our goals around our monthly periods. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate regularly to ensure that we are staying on track and adjust quickly if needed. With our Independent Freight Agents, we work with them based on their personal business needs. Depending on the particular goal of a Freight Agent office, we may review these monthly, quarterly, or annually.  

For instance, many of our Agents set the goal to achieve Platinum Agent status. Because of this, we have a Platinum Agent tracking tool that we can send out at any time to help them track their progress toward this important goal. 

A Fresh Start Date is just one tactic to setting your Freight Agent business up for success and always a great time to re-evaluate your current brokerage partner.  In fact, Freight Agents who partner with Trinity Logistics often see an average of 20 percent growth within their first two years of joining. 

Check out the details of Trinity’s Freight Agent program to see if making a change at your next Fresh Start Date may be right for your business.