Celebrating Authorized Agents: The Platinum Agent Designation

05/04/2020 by Jennifer Hoffman

Celebrating Authorized Agents: The Platinum Agent Designation

Trinity Logistics has a long history of celebrating the successes of our Authorized Agents – through sales awards, trips, and celebratory events. There is one award that encompasses all those rewards into one! The Platinum Agent designation.

The Agent Division of Trinity awards the Platinum Agent title to one of our Authorized Agent offices that have worked hard to excel in their field. Authorized Agents are acknowledged based on a system where they earn points. Points are earned for loyalty, year over year growth, and net revenue, which often is what accumulates the most points. Most Platinum Agents earned an annual net revenue of over $500,000!

Alongside the honor of receiving the award, Platinum Agents receive some extra perks. Each Platinum Agent receives a cash prize, as well as their airfare costs and full accommodations for two at the next Agent conference. They also get three more days of relaxing fun outside of the conference dates to enjoy. Each conference takes place at a different luxurious resort and city! Platinum Agents also receive an exclusive logo to use and show their status in the industry.

At the 2019 Agent Conference, 25 offices received the Platinum Agent designation. This represented a quarter of our total Authorized Agent offices. Some may wonder how this could happen. Well, we have a saying at Trinity…we are not trying to be the biggest, but the best! We provide the support and continuing education needed to grow an Agent’s business to the level that they want to achieve, with no limitations. Many of our new Authorized Agent offices have seen a growth of 25% in their first two years with Trinity. The Platinum Agent program showcases our commitment to an Authorized Agent’s growth even further.

Trinity Logistics is looking forward to awarding and celebrating this coming year’s Platinum Agents.

Are you looking for a company to partner your Independent Freight Agent business with that;

  • Is dedicated to the growth of your personal business
  • Rewards you for your growth and success
  • And celebrates you every step of the way?

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