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Become a Freight Agent

Running a freight brokerage business is hard work because it often requires you to do non-revenue generating work. We can help you gain more time to focus on your customers and generate more revenue, by taking care of everything else.

Trinity Logistics, a Burris Logistics company, has over 30 years of experience aiding in the success of Freight Agents. Our Authorized Freight Broker Agents have had proven success, seeing a 25 to 45 percent increase in their business over a two-year period from joining Trinity’s Network.

Joining our Freight Agent Network means you get back to doing what you do best, serving your customers while receiving world-class support that puts you ahead of the competition. Let us take the non-revenue generating activities off your plate. To contact Trinity’s Agent Support Team, please all us at 800-846-3400 ext. 1908.


After joining our Freight Agent Network, you’ll have access to a dedicated Agent Support Team. They assist with business efficiency, business development and growth, and encouragement.

Additionally, you’ll have full Administrative Support that handles non-revenue generating activities that include claims management, customer service, carrier payables, credit approval, billing, and more.

Trinity’s in-house Education Team provides opportunities for you to continue your education and training on business strategy, industries, modes, sales, and other skill sets. Monthly classes are held virtually to increase your sales skills and introduce you to the technologies Trinity uses.

Yes. Trinity is dedicated to developing and providing technology that serves our customers, carriers, Team Members, and Authorized Agents. You will have access to technology such as our proprietary CRM, Customer Portal, LoadEx price engine, and Banyan to increase your efficiency and transparency for your customers, at no cost.

Yes. A Minimum of one year in the transportation industry is required. There are multiple other factors as well that will determine whether an agency relationship is the right step for your business. If you are a current agent or have a book of business already, we would love to hear from you.

By joining our Freight Agent Network, you’ll access the brand recognition and reputation of Trinity Logistics, a Burris Logistics Company, through robust marketing and social media management. Your customers and carriers, whether current or prospects, will know you are aligned with the best in the industry.

You will also have access to subject matter experts and operations support in modes including LTL, Expedited, International, Intermodal, and more to fully service your customers regardless of your current experience level.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things is that we offer a number of networking opportunities through office visits, conference, web calls, and other programs, allowing you to connect with your Agent Support Team and other Authorized Agents.


“It was kind of overwhelming when I first came over to Trinity as an Authorized Agent. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little bit intimidated to when I would talk on the phone with anyone from Corporate. But then I met Ms. Karen who put my mind at ease.

We would talk about any problems I was facing and she would help me find a way to solve it. Early on, Ms. Karen told me about the other people on the Agent Support Team and how they all get down to business. Soon enough, I was able to meet all of them over the phone. They are all so cool and down to earth but also take their roles seriously.

Finally, when we were able to meet in-person at an Agent Conference in Arizona. They weren’t any different! They are the most caring and loving people. Their personalities matched to exactly what I was used to hearing over the phone. A very awesome group of people that really want you to succeed in your business. They’re also good for a laugh; one of them called me by the wrong name but we won’t say who! It’s now a standing joke. The Agent Support Team is incredible. These ladies and gentlemen do their job and they do it with GREATNESS! I love all of them. They are so great to work with.”

-Art M., Trinity Authorized Agent

Looking for Stability? Join Our Freight Agent Network.

In an uncertain market, stability is important. Be confident that your freight agency is in good hands with our trusted team of Agent Support Specialists. Learn how joining Trinity’s Agent Network can give you the support you need to grow your business.


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