Re-Engage in Your Freight Agent Business

09/29/2023 by Holly Cooper

Re-Engage in Your Freight Agent Business

Find your Purpose to re-engage in your Freight Agent business. Then seek out Trinity Logistics to help you live your Purpose and grow to your fullest potential.

We recently held our Virtual Freight Agent Conference and had the pleasure of hosting Ken Coleman of the Ramsey Group as our featured keynote speaker. He customized his presentation specifically toward Trinity’s Freight Agents with great tips for small business owners on how to “Re-Engage In Your Freight Agent Business”.

His message focused on finding your passion and working within that area as much as possible. It’s all about fueling up on “the juice” – the enthusiasm that comes from doing what you were put on this planet to do!

In the spirit of development and continuous improvement, our Agent Support Team followed up by taking the “Get Clear! Career Assessment” by Ken Coleman to clarify our top talents, passions, and professional mission. From there we created a purpose statement to identify the work we most excel at and most enjoy.

Talent (what you do best) + Passions (work you love) + Mission (results you care about) = Your Purpose Statement


Every workplace skill is grouped into 12 categories of Talent. Those 12 are then segmented into three subgroups: Super Talents, Solid Talents, and Subpar Talents.

Super Talents

Think of your top three talents as high-performance tools. You want to spend the majority of your time on work that involves these talents!

Solid Talents 

Your six Solid Talents are valuable because they support your Super Talents and can be improved upon.

Subpar Talents 

Everybody has weaknesses! You want to be aware of your three Subpar Talents. These are talents that you can let someone else be super at so you don’t have to waste too much of your time trying to develop them.


All work can be grouped into 15 categories of Passion. This is work that excites you and makes two hours feel like 20 minutes.

I Love It!

You’ll be most fulfilled when you spend about 75 percent of your day working within your Top three passions. You’ll be engaged, enthusiastic, and effective!

I Like It!

Spending 20 percent of your day on this work is about the right mix. Too much of it will make you frustrated and unhappy.

I Could Take It or Leave It!

Let’s face it – there are some things you don’t like to do. No more than five percent of this work is the goal for the greatest satisfaction.


The results of work can be grouped into six categories of mission. Discover the contribution you want to make through your work and the “why” behind it. There are three possible feelings about the results of your work to consider.

I Care Deeply

It’s personal! You see the results of your work as a crusade that must be waged and won. Your work is providing a vital solution to a big problem that specific people have.

I Connect With It

It’s cool. You see the results of your work as an important and valuable solution to a problem some people have.

I Couldn’t Care Less

It’s whatever. You see the results of your work as the basic need to keep getting your paycheck.


The puzzle comes together when you align all these into your Purpose Statement.

Working with Talent only can make you successful.

Working with Talent and Passion can give you job satisfaction.

Working with Talent and Passion and Mission will lead you to your Purpose. This is where you can achieve success, experience satisfaction, and find significance in your work and in your life.


Once you know what these are, how can Trinity Logistics help you focus on what you’re best at and handle or help those subpar skills?

From our experience, we’ve found that most Freight Agents excel in skills like communication, building relationships, and managing many priorities. They love talking to others, learning about their needs, and finding solutions to meet those needs.

But what often slows them down or drains them are those non-revenue generating activities. These are the ones where they’re not really connecting with a person or fostering a relationship. Tasks like vetting carriers, handling invoices and bills of lading, or dealing with claims when they happen.

We understand that these tasks take you away from what you excel in and love and that’s why Trinity has full Teams ready to take those off your plate.

Now, what about those other skills that you want to grow in? Things like goal setting, prospecting, or strategy. Well, we take care of that too by giving you several opportunities to expand and grow your skills. Trinity has an in-house Education Team that provides you with many opportunities to continue your education and training in classes like sales skills, social media, industries, or modes. Virtual classes are held every month, giving you the same opportunities to learn and grow as our own Team Members receive. Additionally, we offer you access to our learning management platform offering classes that can be taken in your own time on an array of topics such as leadership, cybersecurity, and customer service.

You’ll also have the support of our Agent Support Team, who will work with you to learn about your goals, offer suggestions, encourage you, and help you stay on track. We also encourage you to spend time one-on-one for direct planning support and accountability reviews with our Agent Support Leadership Team Members.

So, if you’ve been looking for a 3PL partner that offers you more time to focus on what you love to do, take care of the rest, AND help you grow to be the best Freight Agent that you can be, then look no further. Trinity Logistics has over 30 years of experience aiding in the success of Freight Agent offices. We realize that Freight Agents are an integral part of Trinity’s business, which is why we aim to support and invest in them so they can grow their business to its fullest potential.

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