How to Connect with Customers via Social Media

05/16/2023 by Jennifer Hoffman

How to Connect with Customers via Social Media

Make the best of your free time as a Freight Agent and learn how to connect with customers while on social media.

Has this ever happened to you? You have 5 minutes free – who am I kidding? You are a Freight Agent; you don’t have 5 minutes free! Let’s say you’re on hold or waiting at the doctor’s office. You decide to pass the time and scroll your Facebook feed for a minute. Twenty minutes later, your name is called, or the other person picks up the phone and you didn’t realize that you had spent that entire time on social media! 

It happens to everyone and if it happens to you, it’s happening with your colleagues, your customers, and potential customers. So, using that time to see what your neighbor had for dinner last night may not be beneficial to your Freight Agent business, but using that time to connect with customers can be amazing for your business.

As your Freight Agent Support at Trinity, anytime we find something that could be beneficial to our network of Freight Agents, we do everything we can to help educate them in that area. And we know more people are connecting with customers through social media. So, at our recent Agent Sales Conference, we invited a social media expert to talk to our Trinity Freight Agents about building their social media presence and how to connect with customers.


Chances are, if you’ve consumed any logistics content online, you’ve heard of or seen the name, Blythe Brumleve. Blythe is the owner of Digital Dispatch and the Everything is Logistics website. She has a podcast by the same name, Everything is Logistics, and has been a regular content contributor to many sites outside of her own, like Freightwaves.

Blythe joined our Agent Sales Conference for an engaging, informational, and actionable session on building your personal brand through social media.

If you’d like to connect with customers and colleagues through social media, check out some of the takeaways that I got from her session.

Start With One Platform

There are so many social media platforms available! And each one has different algorithms and audiences. When starting to build your personal brand, it’s best to choose one platform to focus on first to grow your knowledge so that you can engage consistently. Among logistics professionals, LinkedIn is most often the platform that has the best organic reach.

Establish Your Why

The reason behind WHY you want to post and engage through social media is as important as WHAT you post. It drives everything you do! Posting for the sake of gaining followers isn’t going to drive your business forward. But posting to create value for your current and potential customers is a great way to drive your business forward!

Make a Great First Impression

Your profile is your first impression to the viewer. Take time to include a professional-looking headshot and banner photo. Also, let your customers know who you are and what you do through your tagline and information space! When they see a great post and follow it through to your profile, you want to establish yourself as someone they want to get to know.

Consistency is KEY

Like sales prospecting, being consistent with your social media outreach and follow-up is essential.  Build some time into your workday or week to focus on your LinkedIn page. Post consistently and engage with those that like or comment on your post. Also, make sure to follow others in your field to engage with them by commenting and asking questions. Just because you aren’t face-to-face doesn’t mean that it must be one-sided!

Provide Value to Your Connections

 People want to connect with people they trust. So, show your customers and colleagues that they can count on you for the information they need. Show up consistently with informative and relevant information to establish yourself as a subject matter expert! 

Be a Student Yourself 

This is one of the biggest lessons that I can give for so many areas of your life! But it applies to social media as well. Make sure to follow people and pages that will help you stay fresh and current with information in your field as well as information on how to stay current on social media and marketing trends. Following someone like Blythe Brumleve is a great place to start! She has an amazing podcast, and social posts, and is a great supporter of other content creators to help you build your list.

Keep Connecting with Customers Simple

It may seem complicated sometimes, but as Blythe highlighted during her session at our conference, the phrase “Keep It Simple Stupid” is the best motto to keep in mind. Keep it simple, consistent, and relevant. Don’t expect to go viral on day one, but if you maintain consistency and establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field, you’ll see the value in connecting with customers through social media.


At Trinity, we understand running your business is hard work, which is why we have an entire Support Team to help your Freight Agent business succeed. This includes assisting you with your personal brand building and marketing, as we consistently work to provide you with new marketing material and content to share on your social media.

Go ahead and choose to get in touch with a Trinity Freight Agent Representative today so you can start receiving world-class support and education to get ahead of your competition. Call 800-846-3400 x 1908 or click the button below to begin your conversation with Trinity.