Top 12 Tips for Carriers to Get Paid On Time

12/13/2023 by Christine Morris

Top 12 Tips for Carriers to Get Paid On Time

A carrier that receives their freight pay in a timely manner is a happy carrier. No one knows that better than us! If you’ve ever had a lengthy delay between hauling a load and receiving your freight pay, there may be a simple explanation. To avoid any hang-ups when hauling with Trinity Logistics and to get paid as quickly as possible, always follow these tips.

1. Fill Out the Carrier Registration Packet Completely

When you’re starting out as a newly registered carrier in our network, we require you to fill out our online carrier packet. You’ll receive an invitation from My Carrier Packet, allowing you to quickly fill out all the information we need to start hauling with Trinity. Not completely this will not only hold you up from your freight pay, but from you even being able to haul a shipment in the first place.

2. Meet Our Insurance Requirements

Not having the required insurance coverage will also hold up your setup and ability to be paid on time. To become registered within Trinity’s carrier network, motor carriers must meet these requirements:

  • Have an active USDOT registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) 
  • A minimum of $50,000 in motor truck cargo insurance 
  • A minimum of $1,000,000 in automobile liability insurance 
  • A minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability insurance 
  • Worker’s compensation coverage as required by law 
  • Cannot have an Unsatisfactory or Conditional FMCSA safety rating 

3. Provide Accurate Contact Information for Us to Reach You

Make sure the contact information you give us is accurate and up-to-date. Also, be sure to answer when we contact you. If there’s an issue, we’ll want to solve it for you right away, and being able to reach you as soon as possible will speed up the process.

4. Send Us the BOL for All Pickups and Deliveries

Not receiving the proper shipment paperwork or it being sent to the wrong person/Team is something we see very often, holding carrier freight pay up. We can’t process your business and release your freight pay without having your bill-of-lading (BOL) on file for the shipment you’ve hauled. Please send all shipment paperwork You also have the option of uploading your shipment paperwork in the TriumphPay portal if that’s easier for you.

5. Doublecheck and Ensure All BOLs and PODs Are Legible

If we’re not able to clearly read your BOL and proof-of-delivery (POD), we’ll need to reach back out to you. If you’re not able to scan a clear copy, you can mail them to us instead.

6. Register With Trinity Logistics via TriumphPay (and Choose Quick Pay)

Trinity Logistics works with TriumphPay to get carriers paid quickly. As a carrier in our network, you’ll need to register on the TriumphPay website (if you’re not already) and choose your payment terms. We offer two different payment options to suit your needs. You can choose our Quick Pay option to get paid in two business days for a very competitive fee of 1.5 percent. Or you may choose our standard pay option, which is within 24 business days, for no additional cost.

7. Mail Original Shipping Documents if Required

If the rate confirmation states that “originals” are required, please don’t fax or email your documents as your shipping documents must be provided by mail.

8. Did You Receive a T-Check for a Lumper?

We’ll need the receipt of that included with your invoice, otherwise your freight pay might be short.

Wondering what lumper fees are? Click here to learn more about them.

9. Are There Any Scale Tickets?

If scale tickets are stated on your rate confirmation, please send them in when sending in your invoice.

10. Doublecheck That the POD Is Signed by the Receiver

If it’s a stamp, make sure it’s dark enough to be legible for the customer.

11. Send Your Invoice and the POD Together

If they are sent separately, it may appear that pieces are missing, and this can delay your freight pay.

12. Make Sure the Shipment Number Is on the Invoice and POD

Not having this information can hold up the process of filing your shipment documents and releasing your freight pay.

At Trinity, there’s never a question of if you’ll get paid. It’s simply a matter of how quickly you can get us the required documentation so that we can pay you within a reasonable timeframe.

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