Creating a Culture of Teamwork


Creating a Culture of Teamwork

Why is creating a culture of teamwork so crucial to a third-party logistics company? Well, because our Team Members are our assets! Our Team Members are the ones representing our company every day by living our mission, purpose, and vision. We ensure that everyone who interacts with us receives excellent service as set by our Trinity standards. Additionally, our company relies on the combined knowledge and expertise of every Team Member to run our company efficiently.

We need a culture of teamwork because each of our departments leans on one another to get the job done. Whether that be Marketing, Operations, or Billing, they all play an integral role in the company’s service and performance.

Now you’re probably wondering, how are you creating a culture of teamwork? How can my business improve our own culture and service? It’s not just one thing that makes it happen. Creating a culture of teamwork takes many steps, time, and a lot of effort, but you’ll find it all worth it in the end.

Start with the Right People

Creating a thriving company culture starts in the beginning with the leadership. Our leadership at Trinity is one that wants everyone in the company to excel and grow. This encouragement is seen throughout the company but made especially clear during the recruiting process. Our Recruiting Team works hard daily to find and, attract the best talent possible. We look for people who live by our Guiding Values daily. These include integrity, teamwork, legacy, fun, continuous improvement, excellence, determination, and leaders. Since our culture revolves around these Guiding Values, we want to make sure our potential hires already relate to them.

Since we strive to create a work environment that is upbeat, fun, and competitive, our ideal Team Members are those who will maintain and enhance this environment.

Besides relating to our Guiding Values, we also look for prospects that want to help give back to the community. At Trinity, we have the Trinity Foundation. The Trinity Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization founded and run by Trinity Team Members. A common goal of the Foundation and Trinity Logistics is improving the lives of others, and that’s why we highlight different opportunities for Team Members to give back to the community.

Although recruiting is only one aspect of what makes our culture thrive, it’s an essential part of keeping it alive and well.

Team Member Appreciation

Another critical area to creating a culture of teamwork is showing your Team Members genuine appreciation for all the hard work they do. Whether this is through fun events, awards, or the benefits provided, showing your Team Members that they are appreciated and valued will often raise morale.

Fun Events

We appreciate the hard work our Team Members do day in and day out. We share our appreciation and build upon our company culture through our Guiding Value of Fun. If there’s one thing we do well, it’s offering fun events for our Team Members. Whether it’s our Annual Field Day, holiday celebrations, team-building activities, or our many potlucks, we strive to encourage every Team Member to have some fun within their comfort level.


Another way we show and build upon our culture is through our Kudos program. Team Members have the opportunity to send Kudos to others. These are notes of appreciation for work or acts of service they have done, based on our Guiding Values. These Kudos are shared company-wide for all Team Members to see. Additionally, every month we randomly pull one to two kudos per office to announce as our monthly winners for demonstrating one of our Guiding Values. Winners receive special prizes each month.


Of course, you can’t talk about appreciation without awards. At the end of every fiscal year, we celebrate! We hold a party for a chance for our Team Members to dress up, have some fun, and most of all, celebrate excellence through our Awards Ceremony. Every department chooses someone who shined throughout the year in certain categories to be recognized. Many different factors come into play when selecting award winners such as time spent in the company, background, discipline record, and current employment with the company. These award winners are given different prizes, trophies, or even vacations as well.


While people love the fun events and celebrations, offering benefits that are a cut above other companies show Team Members are valued.

Trinity offers a great mix of benefits, work environment, and appreciation to create a happy team. Our benefits package includes generous paid-time-off offerings, a 401(k) with 100 percent match up to six percent, a full benefits package (medical, dental, vision, and wellness), and a laid-back work attire because who doesn’t love to wear jeans to work every day! Showing appreciation is also understanding that your Team Members need a healthy work-life balance which is why we do our best to provide exceptional benefits for our Team to feel their best.


Education is another critical are to creating a culture of teamwork. Through our in-house Education Team, we offer our Team Members opportunities to grow their skills and learn more about other aspects of the business. We also require our team to stay educated on proper workplace behavior. Lastly, we offer tuition reimbursement for those seeking higher education. By providing the chance for our Team Members to benefit from Continuous Improvement opportunities, we find that it allows our Team to offer the best service possible.

The Trinity Experience

Another aspect to keeping our company culture thriving was our recently launched Trinity Experience program. This educational class taught every Team Member in our company to provide the best language possible when communicating with internally with other Team Members, and externally with customers. Whether this was a reminder course for some or a new learning experience for others, our goal was to create a welcoming environment not only for the Team but for our external audiences as well.

Is Trinity the Right Place for You?

Every day at Trinity we strive for excellence. Our motto is People-Centric Freight Solutions, because our assets are our Team Members.

To do this, we need our Team to be their best and we encourage this through our culture. Because of this, we strive to create a work environment that is competitive, interactive, fun, and challenging.

While we can’t speak for everyone, our recruitment, education, and team appreciation are the driving factors in why we’ve been recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified year after year.

If Trinity sounds like the place for you, check out what job opportunities we currently have available.

Work somewhere with a culture of Teamwork.

Author: Turner Lee