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We arrange drayage services in all markets with a large capacity and competitive pricing. Your freight can be delivered either from the port or rail right to your door, or from your door right to the port or rail, saving you money in the process.

Service Benefits

From servicing imports and exports, returning empty or full containers, helping you avoid unnecessary fees, long drayage options, and more, our Team is ready to help arrange your drayage needs.


Yes, we can schedule pick-up and/or delivery on a tight schedule, for port cut, or to get your freight out before Last Free Day.

We can arrange the transfer of your freight from the shipping container to an over-the-road truck for long distance shipments with ease. One of our experts can help you get your freight to its end destination.

We can service all markets. Our strongest carrier relationships are in New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles/Long Beach, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina.


Trinity’s Range of Services: More Than Just Truckload

Trinity’s Range of Services: More Than Just Truckload

Whether you’re a large corporation coordinating dozens to hundreds of shipments a day, or a small family-owned business shopping for the best way to ship your product monthly, a third-party […]

Drayage: From Port or Rail to You

Drayage: From Port or Rail to You

We have just gotten over a volatile year in the transportation market, and that has left a lot of people, both providers and customers, waiting cautiously to see what happens […]

Managed Solutions

Trinity Logistics is a Burris Logistics Company, offering people-centric freight solutions.

Our mission is to deliver creative logistics solutions through a dynamic mix of human ingenuity and innovative technology, enriching the lives of those we serve.