Technology For Authorized Agents


Technology For Authorized Agents

Have you been wanting to up the ante with your customers by offering them the best services you can? Are you not wanting to add any extra fees on the necessary technology? At Trinity Logistics, we provide our network of Authorized Agents the use of our operating systems and other technology at no additional costs. These include access to DAT and, LTL operating software with a pricing tool, and portals for your customers and carriers. Additionally, our Agent Support team provides training on our technology so that you know how to use it.

Continue reading to learn more about the technology our Authorized Agents have access to when joining our network.

Access to DAT and

Having access to leading load boards is crucial to your success in this industry. DAT and provides load boards that help you find trucks faster, price shipments, and open up capacity. Gaining full access to these boards comes with a heavy price for smaller agencies. When working with Trinity, you don’t have to pay a dime for them. Some of these systems offer load board access but also resources, like DAT’s BookNow feature and current industry information. With Trinity, you will receive access to operating systems that provide you the data needed to keep your operations running smoothly.

Less-Than-Truckload Operating Software

Manual processes can be so time consuming. Utilizing an easy-to-use system to manage your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments can make those processes faster and more efficient. With Trinity, you’ll have free use of Banyan Technology for your LTL shipments. Your business will have the ability to compare and secure quotes, oversee end-to-end movement of your customer’s freight, and exchange reporting information with your customer. You’ll gain exclusive access to Banyan’s Live Lane Specials, Ground Freight Pricing, and proper training to use the system.

Trinity can open up access to you within Banyan so you can completely self service your LTL needs – from quoting to booking to tracking and documents. Banyan serves their customers through the most up-to-date technology.

Customer and Carrier Portals

We like to keep our customers and carriers connected and up-to-date on their services. Through the use of the Customer Portal, customers can any of track their loads, and request new rate quotes. In the Carrier Portal, carriers can bid on loads, post their available equipment, and track their payment status.

If these tools weren’t already enticing, Trinity strives to provide best-in-class technology. We are always evaluating technologies so we can ensure that we are providing the best for our shippers, carriers, Team Members, and Authorized Agents. Recently, our Technology Team has been hard at work launching our new CRM. This new CRM will offer enhanced data, reporting, sales pipeline management, and full customer management tools while being easy-to-use.

Technology Training

Trinity provides our Authorized Agents with the resources needed to be successful, while providing support every step of the way. Our Agent Support Team offers thorough training on current and upcoming technology, sales training and refreshers, technology updates, and even a full “Boot Camp” option to ensure your success. Did we mention it’s all free?

Trinity Logistics takes pride in being a leading name in the Authorized Agent community. Yet, our success wouldn’t be possible without the relationships we have with our Authorized Agents.

Continuous improvement is one of Trinity’s guiding values. It is applied across all boards, including with commitment to our Authorized Agent Network. When it comes to technology, we ensure that we maintain a competitive edge and provide the tools needed for the success of our Agents.

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