The Biggest Challenge Freight Broker Agents Face Today…CAPACITY


The Biggest Challenge Freight Broker Agents Face Today…CAPACITY

Capacity will always be something that we talk about. The driver shortage hasn’t gone away. In 2018, the industry saw a shortage of roughly 60,800 drivers. According to American Trucking Association, if current trends hold, the shortage could increase to over 160,000 drivers by 2028. And it’s not just truckload. A major LTL carrier recently filed bankruptcy, which will cause drastic capacity issues in the LTL market.

As an experienced 3PL broker, there are several things that we do to combat the capacity issues. Here are three:

1.  We build and maintain relationships with carriers.

This has never been more important! Trinity Logistics uses an entire Carrier Development Team to assist our agents with cutting edge practices that yield incredible results. Are you an asset to your carrier? Are you educating them with all of the latest changes in the market? Remember, you cannot always rely on the SPOT market. It creates uncertainty. 

2.  We utilize software to match current shipments in our system with carriers who have available equipment.

How? We take thousands of   carriers incoming lists of availability and match it with shipments already in our system. The Carrier gets an email and makes on click to submit a quote to the Freight Agent/Broker.

3.  We use an internal Carrier Sharing tool.

We currently use 6 years of lane history within the Trinity network to match the best carrier for your shipment. There are options of searching this by multiple data points-

      • Which carriers are currently on a shipment delivering near your pick-up location,
      • Which carrier has run a similar lane in the past,
      • Who has available equipment posted, etc.
      • We also have access to payment date for previous shipments so that negotiations are quick and fair.

All shipment history date is built into our proprietary system which feeds the Capacity tool. Don’t get left behind by not having the right partner or the right strategy to combat the changes in the industry. Call or email today. Rich Clark – (302)253-1180 or