Top 12 Tips for Carriers to Get Paid On Time


Top 12 Tips for Carriers to Get Paid On Time

A carrier that is paid in a timely manner is a happy carrier. No one knows that better than us! If you’ve ever had a lengthy delay between hauling a load and getting paid, there may be a simple explanation. To avoid any hang-ups and get paid as quickly as possible, always follow these tips. Note: most of these also apply when you’re hauling freight for anyone, not just us.

1. Fill out the carrier registration packet completely.

Our packet has a few pages that require you to fill in information regarding your company and your equipment. Missing even one of these sections could delay the process of getting you registered and require more back and forth communication with our carrier services team. Also, don’t forget, each page needs to be initialed. (To access our carrier registration, click here.)

2. Include all of the required documents when submitting your registration packet.

We’ll need a few documents to verify your operating authority, safety score, and driving record. These are all listed in the packet, so make sure to double-check that you’ve included all of them.

3. Provide accurate phone numbers for us to reach you – and answer when we call!

Make sure the contact information you give us is accurate and up-to-date. If there’s an issue, we’ll want to solve it for you right away, and being able to reach you as soon as possible will speed up the process.

4. Make sure to send us the BOLs for all pickups and deliveries for the load.

5. Double check and ensure that all your BOLs and PODs are legible before you send them.

If we’re not able to clearly read the scanned documents, we’ll need to reach back out to you. If you’re not able to get a clear copy, you can mail them to us instead.

6. Register for our quick-pay program.

We offer three different payment options to suit your needs – quick pay in 3 business days, or expedited pay in 10 business days. Our regular pay is in 24 business days. To sign up for quick pay, you can call our carrier services department at 1-888-TRINITY.

7. If the rate confirmation states that “originals” are required, please don’t fax or email your documents.

The originals must be provided by mail.

8. Did you receive a T-Chek for a lumper on a load?

We’ll need the receipt included with the invoice – otherwise, you might be short paid.

9. Are there any scale tickets stated on the rate confirmation? 

If so, please send them with the invoice.

10. Is the POD signed by the receiver?

If it’s a stamp, make sure it is dark enough to be legible for the customer.

11. Send the invoice and POD together.

If they are sent separately, it may appear that pieces are missing, and this can delay your payment.

12. Make sure to put the shipment number on the invoice and/or POD.

At Trinity, there’s never a question of if you’ll get paid – it’s simply a matter of how quickly you can get us the required documentation so that we can pay you within a reasonable timeframe. If you have any questions about the payment process, or you’d like to join Trinity’s carrier network, click here.