Expedited Shipping: The Freight You Need Faster

06/20/2023 by Christine Morris

Expedited Shipping: The Freight You Need Faster

Freight is always on the move, every single day, seven days a week, 24/7. There are different types of ways to move freight, whether it’s shipping international, drayage, truckload, or intermodal, all have different paths to the same destination. But what about those last-minute shipments or freight that has a quick turnaround?

Throughout this article we will discuss:


Expedited shipping sounds just like what it is, a means to move freight as quickly as possible from point A to point B. This shipping mode is for those time-sensitive shipments you may have. 

It’s also an option when the freight is high-value or fragile, and you would like for it to go in a dedicated truck instead of using truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Or for when you might just need a sprinter van or straight truck for your freight.

Any freight requiring expedited is on a single truck and typically has one driver, but team drivers can be made available upon request. This helps reduce long transit times by having the drivers take turns to keep the truck moving without any stops.

Expedited shipping can be between one and twelve pallets and under 10,000 pounds. This shipping method can be over-the-road (OTR)less-than-truckload (LTL), or air international shipping. While this mode of transportation is often used for perishable goods, many also use it for dedicated or tradeshow freight. 

While expedited shipping is not as popular as some other modes of transportation, its use is on the rise, due to the “Amazon Effect”. Amazon, known for its fast delivery of products, has caused people to expect other packages and goods to be delivered at this rapid pace. With, consumer demand growing to expect goods shipped faster, expedited shipping has become more popular. 


How does expedited shipping differ from standard shipping? Let’s look at some of the differences between the two.


One of the biggest differences between standard and expedited shipping is the cost associated with it. Expedited shipping is higher in price because it has a strict deadline and moves at an above-average pace. 

Standard shipping transports at a slower pace, so often it’s less costly due to the less strict delivery deadline. However, it’s important to note that the cost for any shipment varies depending on the nuances of each shipment. 

Time Frame

Expedited shipping delivers anywhere from the same day to three days. Standard shipping time frames are going to vary greatly. They can be anywhere from a week to as high as a month, depending on the pick-up and delivery locations. 

Types of Shipments

Expedited shipments often include goods like tradeshow materials, perishable goods, new product launches, or just those last-minute shipment needs. Standard shipments transport goods of all kinds. 

Unlike expedited shipping, standard shipping can consist of multiple trucks, drivers, pick-up and delivery locations, and stops in between.


Expedited shipping has many benefits outside of having your freight delivered faster. It allows you to meet tight deadlines, like if you run out of a product in a store and need to restock quickly, then expedited is the solution for you. 

While expedited may not be the most popular mode, it’s an important tool to have in case of emergencies with your freight. Also, with e-commerce demand consistently growing, expedited shipments are here to stay and become more commonplace.


Expedited shipping can take many different forms. Below are some examples:

Dedicated LTL Shipments

These are your normal LTL shipments; however, no other freight is on the truck besides yours. Thus, it eliminates the need to drop off other shipments along the way to the destination.

Airport Recoveries

When freight arrives from shipping in the air, airport recoveries mean the freight is being picked up directly from the airport where the freight has landed. 

Liftgate assistance

This machinery loads and offloads the freight on a truck, usually when the shipper or receiver doesn’t have a dock, when delivering to a storefront location, or when a truck is broken down and need to transload the freight to another truck. 

Next day option

This option is when goods are ordered, and they are available for delivery immediately and will arrive at the destination the following day. 

Tradeshow freight

Any items, booths, collateral, promotional items, and televisions for tradeshow events.


It can be difficult to navigate supply chains. Every company has unique needs and looks for custom-tailored logistics solutions to meet them. Your solution could be as simple as partnering with a trusted third-party logistics company (3PL) to handle all your shipments for you.

A 3PL can offer you real-time visibility and updates on your shipments and can adapt quickly to delays and disruptions that may occur. 3PLs understand the nuances of each shipment and the urgency for on-time delivery while having the tools, experience, and expertise to provide you with the best logistics solutions. 


At Trinity Logistics, we handle all types of shipments and have years of experience handling expedited shipments. With our network of relationship carriers, we ensure your freight is taken care of from receiving to destination.

Our Team of Experts is here 24/7, day or night to help you. We also provide you with the Customer Portal where you can track and trace your freight any time of day, see its status, and its estimated time of arrival. 

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