Freight Agents: Is Your News Source Trustworthy?

09/27/2022 by Jennifer Hoffman

Freight Agents: Is Your News Source Trustworthy?

If there is anything we have all learned together over the last few years, it’s that nothing stays the same. While we have used the phrase “everything changes” as more of a cliché, we’ve all had a front-row seat to just how fast things can change and how important it is to stay prepared with accurate information. However, another thing we’ve learned over the last few years is that sometimes a news source may not be the most reliable.

Let’s face it, not many industries have had the spotlight thrown at them quite like transportation! And with so much information, news, and opinions being thrown at you all the time, it can be hard to know what the actual truth is and what is an exaggerated opinion. From social media, public opinion, company-specific data, and political forums, there’s an unlimited number of news sources available, so finding trusted information is as important as ever.

Tips to Make Sure Your News Source is Trustworthy

You can Google any number of articles to find some tips and tricks to ensure you are reliable, but to keep it simple you can head back to your writing class! Using the standard CRAAP method is probably the best way. Yes, I said CRAAP – don’t you love a good acronym?

Here are some tips to make sure that the information you take in is accurate, truthful, and relevant.

C – Currency

Was it published last week or last year?

R – Relevance 

Is this article relevant to what you need? Is this information important?

A – Authority 

What is the source of information? Who is the author? Do they have any credentials or experience in the subject matter? 

A – Accuracy

Can you validate the accuracy of the information? 

P – Purpose

Why was the article written? Was someone trying to argue a point or share information?  

Count on Trinity as a Trustworthy News Source for Transportation

We understand that finding the time to vet resources and information fully is just one more thing to add to your already loaded plate.  That’s why we have a network of Team Members and external relationships that help us stay up to date on the ever-changing market in which we work.

We work diligently to ensure that any information we pass on to Freight Agents and Team Members within the company has the best information possible, as quickly as possible. We make use of trusted sources such as FreightwavesTransportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), and many other relationships throughout the industry.

Ways We Share Trustworthy News With You

Daily News Update

scrolling image showing an example of Trinity's Daily News Update email

As a Trinity Freight Agent, you’ll receive our Daily News Update email every day. This email hosts four of the top transportation news articles within the past 24 hours. Additionally, we share two news articles outside of the transportation industry, the latest Trinity LinkedIn post for you to share, and a motivational quote.

Weekly Update

scrolling image showing an example of Trinity's Weekly News Update email

Each week, Trinity’s Freight Agents receive a Weekly Update email. This email contains any quick information that may help you, such as information on technology enhancements, important dates to remember, and more. 

Monthly Newsletter

scrolling image showing an example of Trinity's Monthly Freight Agent Newsletter email

The Agent Monthly Newsletter puts you up-front and personal with your Agent Support Team. Members of this Team share information that they think will help a Freight Agents’ business, important updates, Freight Agent office celebrations, and some personal stories to grow our relationships. 

Freight Market Update

Each month, Greg Massey pulls freight industry information from FreightWaves’ Sonar Product and writes a summarized article that we call our Freight Market Update. If you aren’t much for reading, he also works with our Marketing Team to record a short video for you to watch and stay in the know of what’s affecting your customers.

Check out our YouTube channel

Participating in Organizations and Conferences

Many of our Leadership Team Members participate in well-known organizations and conferences to not only help keep all of Trinity updated on what’s going on in the industry but to share our expert experience and knowledge with others. For example, President Sarah Ruffcorn chairs the Women in Logistics Committee with TIA and has participated in their Connecting to Climb Series. Additionally, Chief Financial Officer Doug Potvin recently traveled to Washington D.C. to testify before Congress on supply chain issues and how to build resiliency for the long term.

We’re Here as Your Go-To News Source for Transportation

It’s important to us that the Freight Agents that work with Trinity have the information they need to make important decisions relevant to their business and the current market.  If you’ve been looking for a 3PL partner who you can trust to be a reliable news source, get in touch with the Trinity Logistics Agent Support Team so we can discuss your business’s unique needs and inform you of how we can work together to meet them.

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