Trinity Logistics Dedicated to Growing Future Sales Professionals Through Partnership in Iowa University’s Sales Forum

11/14/2023 by Christine Morris

Trinity Logistics Dedicated to Growing Future Sales Professionals Through Partnership in Iowa University’s Sales Forum

Trinity Logistics, a leading logistics solutions provider, is proud to share its corporate partnership with Iowa State University and active participation in the Ivy Sales Forum at the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business. This strategic collaboration exemplifies Trinity Logistics’s dedication to fostering talent development and nurturing future professionals. 

The Ivy Sales Forum, a dynamic educational initiative at Iowa State University, brings together students from various majors to engage in a unique and comprehensive sales curriculum, giving students the opportunity to pursue a Professional Sales Certificate. The sales certificate is comprised of seven courses and all required sales classes involve a semester-long experiential sales competition hosted by corporate partners, including Trinity Logistics.

While Trinity Logistics has been a corporate partner of the Ivy Sales Forum for over a year, the company plays an integral role in shaping this semester’s curriculum under the guidance of Professor Raj Agnihotri, ensuring it aligns with the rapidly evolving sales landscape. This involvement highlights Trinity’s commitment to real-world sales education and its willingness to share its industry expertise with the next generation of professionals. 

“The Ivy Sales Forum is an amazing program that Trinity is thrilled to be a part of,” said Carlie Crouch, Director of Talent Management at Trinity Logistics. “Our Leadership Team genuinely enjoys interacting with the students, especially during their cumulative sales competition. We see great value in the real-world experience the students gain, which ultimately gives our Talent Acquisition Team a robust pipeline of potential future Trinity Team Members.”

The courses feature 50 students benefiting from Trinity Logistics’s guidance, shaping their sales careers and offering a unique blend of textbook knowledge and real-life application. 

The sales competition, required for course completion, is a two-part challenge that provides students with hands-on sales experience. The first part entails an initial meeting, where students interact with a hypothetical “shipper”, played by members of Trinity’s Leadership. In this meeting, the students must identify the shipper’s needs and pitch the value of Trinity Logistics, with success earned by securing a follow-up meeting with the shipper. 

The second part involves the students showcasing their pricing and negotiation skills to close a deal in their follow-up meeting. This immersive experience equips students with valuable experience and insights into a sales profession. Upon successful completion of the sales curriculum, students earn a prestigious sales certificate, comparable to a professional degree. 

“We value our relationship with a great organization such as Trinity Logistics,” said Professor Raj Agnihotri. “Their support in providing future business professionals with experiential learning opportunities is much appreciated.” 

The sales competition is currently underway with students having completed part one and currently undergoing part two of the process. The sales competition winners will be judged and determined by members of Trinity Logistics and Professor Agnihotri. Trinity Logistics will recognize those winners who demonstrate excellent sales skills, creativity, and ingenuity with an award in December.  

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