Why Food Manufacturers Need to Choose A 3PL Provider Who Adapts to Change

04/15/2020 by Christine Griffith

Why Food Manufacturers Need to Choose A 3PL Provider Who Adapts to Change

Food manufacturers have to stay on top of changes, so they don’t fall behind or lose loyal customers. Consumer trends and interests often change, or other market disruptions come out of nowhere. Consumers today care more about health, fast shipping, and the environment. Food safety regulations and unexpected disruptions like the coronavirus have changed the market. Food manufacturers benefit when they choose an experienced 3PL provider who stays informed and can adapt to any changes quickly. This makes for less stress and reduced or no losses in business.

Health Conscious Consumers

Consumers are becoming more health-conscious with their food. They want fewer additives and more natural, organic products. Consumers are buying vegan or plant-based alternatives; food that fits their diet such as Keto, carnivore, or macro-counting. Fewer additives and healthier food mean fresher food with shorter shelf lives. This means quick shipping to keep food fresh and your consumers happy.

Faster Shipping

Due to the Amazon Effect, consumers expect even quicker shipping on everything. Shopping at brick and mortar shops is declining and consumers want to order everything online. According to studies by both Neilson and the Food Market Institute, fifty percent of Americans now buy all of their grocery products online. They want subscription boxes, such as ButcherBox, or meal subscriptions, like HelloFresh, delivered to their doorsteps. Direct to Consumer (D2C) is growing across all industries, especially the food industry.

Environmentally Mindful

With climate change being a hot topic, consumers are more aware of their carbon footprint now more than ever. They want less packaging used for the products they order. They want to know how the brands they shop from stay green and reduce their environmental impact; starting with how the product is made, to the packaging, the shipping, and more. Consumers worry more about how their impact on the environment and that falls back on the manufacturer as well.

Federal Regulations

On top of consumers’ changing demands, there are regulations to keep on top of as well. In recent years, food safety in transportation became a concern, so the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was created. FSMA is still a newer regulation that was put in place April 2017. Food safety in transportation is important, so there could still be changes to the regulation in the future.

Unexpected Disruptions

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly made an impact on food manufacturers in 2020. Uncertainty from the virus caused consumers to buy out grocery stores, creating a high demand for those products. Restaurants shut down or switched to take-out only, causing a reduction in sales. Food manufacturers and the transportation providers they work with had to adapt fast. Hopefully, a crisis like COVID-19 does not happen again, but it is good to be ready for anything and be able to make changes quickly when needed.

Choosing a 3PL provider who stays on top of consumer trends, regulations, and other changes in the food manufacturing industry is important. Having someone who understands your challenges makes working to meet your customer’s demands an easier task.

Trinity Logistics stays informed about what goes on in the food manufacturing industry to better serve you. Concerning the changes mentioned above, Trinity Logistics;
• Makes use of many modes to arrange timely shipping for your natural and organic products.
• Through our parent company, Burris Logistics, we are able to offer you D2C services for faster shipping.
• Is SmartWay certified and has shipping arrangements that are better for the environment.
• Stays knowledgeable on federal regulations that may change shipping practices.
• Are ready to adapt to any huge industry disruption to keep your freight and supply chain moving.

Arranging the shipment of food has become a specialty of Trinity Logistics. When you come to us with problems, we’ll be there ready to offer you solutions. You can count on us.

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