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In our more than 40-year tenure in the logistics industry, we have crafted a people-centric approach to transportation and technology. Our service-driven Team, extensive carrier network, and technology-focus makes us poised to be your full solutions provider. Our suite of solutions is created with your business in mind, to fulfill your needs from truckload to warehousing and everything in between.

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Construction and manufacturing industries often deal with oversized loads that are far from one-size-fits-all. You have to worry about having the proper carrier equipment, meeting state regulations, determining the safest routes, and more – all while still managing to stay on top of tight deadlines.

Choosing to work with Trinity Logistics means choosing a provider that has the experience with your challenges in transportation and can help you overcome them. 

Choose to end your search today.


You need a truck, we’re here to find you one. Our network oof 70,000 authorized carriers means we can help you beat the capacity crunch for your dry, temperature-controlled, or flatbed shipping needs.


Can’t fill a truck? No problem. We can help you optimize your smaller-scale LTL shipments. Our free software allows you to request quotes and live track your freight and delivery times so you can manage your inventory.


We’re poised to help you with your cross-docking and transloading, short and long-term service, order fulfillment, and distribution needs through our network of warehouse providers. Our parent company, Burris Logistics and its business units, has nearly a century of experience with end-to-end cold chain solutions.


Looking for a Transportation Management System to help you manage your supply chain? Not sure if you need one? We can help you gain control and visibility to your supply chain, reduce costs, improve performance and increase efficiencies with our Managed Services.


Rail is a budget- and environmentally-friendly alternative to truckload shipping. If capacity is tight, you are looking for more sustainable options, and if your freight needs to move more than 750 miles, intermodal may be a good fit for you.


We arrange full containers from the port or rail to the consignee, and empty containers at the shipper to deliver to the port or rail.


If standard LTL shipping isn’t fast enough, or you need to meet a strict delivery appointment window, our over-the-road or air expedited shipment solutions work with tight turnarounds.


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