Struggling With Cold Chain Logistics Companies?


Struggling With Cold Chain Logistics Companies?

If you find it difficult to juggle multiple providers for your cold chain logistics, there’s a better, even seamless, way of doing business. Cold chain logistics can be difficult to manage and finding reliable providers can be frustrating. There are many moving parts of the cold chain that can be hard to follow and track. Often you may find yourself with many providers and contacts to sort through. What if you could reduce all your cold chain logistics companies down to one? What if you could replace the rest by finding one with a range of modes for your cold chain freight, including warehousing, transportation management, and more? Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.


When you ship and manage temperature-controlled freight, you often find yourself working with more than one logistics provider. This means there can be more handling, which can become a cause for safety concerns.

Manual processes in the transportation of cold chain freight can cause decreased visibility along your freight’s journey. The majority exists within the food industry due to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Because of this, shippers need to practice diligence when selecting and vetting the carriers they choose move their freight. They must make sure to communicate responsibilities such as required temperature requirements, having access to temperature readings, and making sure equipment is inspected before moving.

When you work with more than one carrier the process becomes more complicated. Each one adds complexity to your cold chain and every handling adds risk. Take time to map out your supply chain end-to-end, identify gaps, simplify your processes, and reduce the number of providers that move your freight. This can reduce your cold chain safety risks.

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This is where partnering with Trinity Logistics can help. As a Burris Logistics Company, we’re uniquely qualified to arrange solutions across your entire cold chain. Working with us means you can feel at ease knowing your cold chain products are well taken care of during transportation. Stop searching for and working with multiple cold chain logistics companies. We vet every carrier in our network, reducing your risk and time spent finding providers. Some of the benefits of working with one 3PL include:


The ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to change is important for your cold chain business to stay competitive. When you partner with Trinity it gives you that flexibility of having a whole network of vetted, qualified carriers at the ready. And because we’re under the Burris Logistics umbrella, should you need other logistics solutions outside of our range, we can still support you by working with Burris to arrange those cold chain solutions that fit. We can help you stay flexible as one sole provider, instead of working with several.


When you work with only one cold chain logistics provider, you can reduce your waste. At Trinity, you’ll build a relationship with a logistics expert. We can help you reduce supply chain inefficiencies through transportation management or reduce emissions by finding better routes. We can help you use trucks efficiently, such as reducing deadhead miles or suggesting intermodal when it makes sense.


When you work with a cold chain logistics company, such as Trinity Logistics, you can save money. With more flexibility, increased efficiencies, and reduced waste, you’ll be able to use your money better and reduce your logistics costs. By working with one provider instead of several, you’ll save time in billing and invoices. We provide a Team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and flexible experts, bringing you increased productivity and workflows within your logistics. Working with a provider such as Trinity, is a great way to cut costs without losing quality, time, or deadline requirements when it comes to your freight management and transportation.


When choosing to work with Trinity Logistics, you’re choosing to cut complexity. Cold chain logistics is complicated in itself and trying to do it alone can be frustrating. Choose to reduce your frustration with cold chain logistics companies by choosing the right one.

With Trinity, you’ll gain end-to-end supply chain management. Trinity is one part of the Burris Logistics umbrella, so working with us offers you access to other Burris options such as cold storage or direct-to-consumer fulfillment should you need it.

With Trinity and Burris combined, you’ll gain a greater level of flexibility in your cold chain with customized solutions. You’ll have a greater level of agility in your logistics execution while reducing cost. Since we focus on how you operate as a shipper, we make sure we fit your mold and help to solve your problems, not the other way around. You can count on Trinity Logistics to be able to serve and support your cold chain all the way from production to delivery.

Simplify your cold chain logistics today.


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