Trinity’s Agent Conference Goes Virtual!


Trinity’s Agent Conference Goes Virtual!

Every year Trinity Logistics hosts a conference for their Authorized Agents. Part networking, part education, and with a little fun thrown in; this conference develops relationships within the Agent Network. They learn from one another and help each other grow, as well as hearing from industry experts.

Like everything else, 2020 changed this year’s conference. Due to the pandemic, the conference, which was planned to take place in New Orleans’s French Quarter, had to be cancelled. But Trinity never looks at situations with one lens. We’re always looking for creative ways to increase the level of success for our Agents. With this in mind,  We knew we had to find another way to get in front of our Agents, even if it couldn’t be our traditional conference.

“The relationships that our Corporate Team Members have with our Authorized Agents and that our Authorized Agents have with each other is what makes this company and our Agent Team so strong. After not being able to travel for the last 10 months and visit our Agent Offices as we usually do, having to cancel the conference, and the thought of not seeing some of our Agents this year wasn’t acceptable. We had to find another way,” said Trinity’s Director of Agent Services Jennifer Hoffman. 

With that in mind, the Agent Support Team came up with a plan to host our first ever Virtual Agent Conference. 

This approach to the Conference was a new project that had to be planned from scratch! We not only had to line up presenters and find great content but figure out the technology to put it all together.   

After a lot of hard work and learning, the conference launched to an active and engaged Authorized Agent Team on December 3rd! We had speakers from the industry such as renowned transportation economist Noel Perry, TIA’s Vice President of Government Affairs Chris Burroughs, Trinity President Sarah Ruffcorn, other Trinity leaders, and even Platinum Level Agents who shared their stories and approach with other Agents. The conference was able to bring insight into today’s market, what to expect, and how to make the best of this ever-changing and growing industry. 

During the day agents interacted with one another, deepening relationships that were already in place and virtually meeting new people across three countries! There were celebrations throughout the conference as well. We awarded our annual Platinum Agent Awards, the highest honor for a Trinity Authorized Agent. This year was even more special because 2020 celebrated the 30th anniversary of Trinity’s Agent Division! 

While nothing replaces getting to see our Authorized Agents in person, this virtual approach allowed us to continue sharing the Guiding Values that make Trinity one of the best in the business. “I’m so proud that Trinity consistently looks for new and innovative ways to support our Agents,”…said Hoffman. 

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