Five Tips for Heavy Haul & Over-Dimensional Shipping


Five Tips for Heavy Haul & Over-Dimensional Shipping

The shipment of over-dimensional and/or heavy haul freight requires a special expertise! Luckily, many of our Trinity Team Members and Authorized Agents specialize in over-dimensional shipments. We decided to ask them to share some of their extensive knowledge in this industry with us so we could offer you several tips to keep in mind when shipping heavy haul. Keep reading to learn about how to handle your shipments as smoothly as possible.

Looking for a more extensive guide to have on hand for your over-dimensional shipments? Click here to download our Over-Dimensional Shipping Guide.

Time is on your Side

The more notice you can provide of an upcoming over-dimensional shipment, the better. Loads such as bulldozers, excavators, and graders often require specialized equipment that can be in limited supply. By notifying your carrier or logistics provider well in advance, they can get to work on getting the right equipment in position. Always remember, time is money!

Along with providing an advanced notice on these shipments, you’ll also need to coordinate the logistics upfront. The specialized equipment used for heavy haul shipping is expensive and in high demand. If there are any delays in getting the truck loaded or unloaded, there may be significant detention charges. Timing is everything, so be sure to communicate the needs for these shipments in advance in order to avoid those charges.

Information is King

Knowing the exact information regarding your heavy haul shipping is extremely important, especially in regard to getting permits. You should know the length, width, height, and weight of the shipment. You’ll also need to provide the make, model, and serial number if applicable. Educate yourself on permit requirements and heavy haul dimensions so that your shipment process runs smoothly.

Know the State Regulations

The issuance of permits for over-dimensional shipments is handled by each individual state. Some handle these requests promptly, while others are slower.  As a general rule, the bigger the shipment, the longer it will take. The state will also decide which routes the truck must follow, as well as determine if there are any travel restrictions in terms of hours or days.  Often times, weekend and nighttime travel is restricted. Prepare yourself by looking into state restrictions and permits so you can be better equipped to ship your heavy haul.

Tarp Troubles

Please know if your load will require tarping! Over-Dimensional loads will often require more tarps than the typical truck carries. If your shipping partner is aware of this upfront, they can be sure the truck will have the necessary tarps. Large and/or odd-sized pieces will be difficult for even the best drivers to tarp by themselves. Any assistance you can offer is appreciated, even if it’s simply a safe place out of the elements. Being aware of these elements of over-dimensional and heavy haul freight can help ensure your freight arrives at its destination in a safe and timely manner.

Build Relationships

Build a relationship with an experienced logistics provider, like Trinity, to help save you time and money. Finding the right carrier and equipment to haul your over-dimensional shipment can be difficult, so that’s why we do it for you. Trinity’s diverse carrier network gives you access to find a carrier that will fit to your shipment’s specific needs.

Trinity Logistics stands at the ready to help with all your heavy haul and over-dimensional shipments. Our team is well-prepared to make sure your freight arrives in a smooth and timely manner.

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Originally posted September 24th, 2013. Updated by Tori Dalton.