Top 5 Oversized Shipping Challenges


Top 5 Oversized Shipping Challenges

Here at Trinity, we often work to simplify your complicated shipments. Every industry has its own set of unique challenges, so the construction and manufacturing industries are no different. Here are the top five challenges that customers with oversized shipping face, and suggested solutions.

1. Problem: 

Late or lost freight

Construction and manufacturing industries have tight schedules to meet in order to keep projects moving. Project managers for construction jobs are responsible for coordinating shipments of equipment or material to and from job sites. It is critical that transit and arrival times are clear and transparent in order to coordinate labor and proper personal to be onsite when deliveries arrive. Freight has to arrive at the right time and right place so as not to fall behind or incur additional labor costs. Project managers often juggle multiple projects and without the right processes in place, this can become overwhelming. Too often, project managers receive too late of notice on freight that is delayed, causing them to have to push back their project schedule. Shipments somehow don’t reach their delivery location or may arrive at the wrong one.


Use technology for visibility

Adopting technology will allow you to easily track all your shipments, no matter how many projects you have to manage. There are many technology options you can choose from for visibility. For example, a Transportation Management System allows you to not only receive tracking notifications, but automatically share them with your external partners. You can choose to use outside tracking vendors such as Fourkites or TruckerTools. Searching for the right technology for your company’s needs can be daunting, so consider working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL), like Trinity. It can be less costly to access technology through them, and you will have experts on your side to help you with your decision. 

2. Problem: 

Meeting regulations

Shipments in this industry can often be oversized. Drivers hauling any load that exceeds legal limits in weight or size MUST get a permit for the state being traveled through. If an oversized shipment is traveling through multiple states, that may mean multiple permits. And exact routes need to be planned out in advance and specified on permits, or else it can result in fines. Oversized shipments may also require pilot cars and/or police escorts depending on the characteristics of the load and states being traveled through. Both permit and escort regulations vary state and depending on what is needed, the processing time could take several hours or days to obtain. Planning shipments and making sure guidelines are adhered to can be both frustrating and time-consuming. 

Looking for an extensive guide to keep on hand for your over-dimensional shipping? Check out our Over-Dimensional Shipping guide here.


Simplify your workload by outsourcing

Take the weight off of your shoulders and let someone else handle the logistics. Outsourcing opens up your schedule so you can focus on what you do best. But, don’t just outsource to anyone. Make sure to choose a logistics provider who understands your freight’s regulations and has experience in doing so. 

3. Problem: 

Finding the right carrier and equipment

Besides meeting legal regulations, oversized freight needs the right equipment and carrier to move it, and at the right price for your budget. Sometimes that can be tough to find on your own, especially when capacity is tight.


Make use of a 3PL’s network

Another reason to consider outsourcing. Using a 3PL means you’ll have the advantage of their vast carrier network. A 3PL’s sole service is logistics, so they need relationships with carriers to move freight. A quality 3PL, like Trinity, will often have a large carrier network with a nationwide presence. 

4. Problem: 


Safety equipment for oversized shipments includes warning signs, flags, and lights to give visibility to other drivers of the oversized load and its edges. Rules and regulations vary again by state. Additionally, there is proper tarping, strapping, and securement of your freight on the truck that is needed. Loose cargo that falls off can cause traffic problems and has the potential to be deadly or hurt someone. Making sure the right materials are used to tiedown the freight and make it visible to everyone is important.


Make sure who you work with has experience

You don’t want just anyone moving your freight, you want the best. It can take a lot of your time to find the best carrier to safely move your shipments. 3PL’s, like Trinity Logistics, have experience working with carriers and have built relationships over time with ones who provide the best service. We properly vet our carriers during the shipment selection so that we can guarantee your freight will arrive to its destination safely. 

5. Problem: 

Lack of communication among partners

Too often there will be a lack of communication between shipper, receiver, and carriers. It could be a lack of communicating a needed permit and who has to get it or proper equipment that is needed to unload at the receiver. This can lead to frustrated parties and delays in a project.


Gain help with managing your logistics

A 3PL can be described as the middleman between customer and carrier. We help manage your logistics so jobs run smoothly and you can focus on other aspects of your business. We pride ourselves in proper and extensive communication from before, during, and after a shipment. If making use of a TMS, you can choose how extensive you want to integrate the technology with your supply chain, allowing both you and your external partners more visibility and coordination with your shipments. Everyone can easily stay connected and up-to-date.

A lot of oversized shipping challenges can be solved by selecting to work with a 3PL. You can choose to manually try to solve them all on your own, but why not save the time and consult an expert, like Trinity, for help? We offer a range of services and technology to make your workload easier. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years and take pride in what we do – solving complex logistics problems for companies like you. 

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Author: Christine Griffith