A Fully Connected Cold Chain With Burris Logistics

04/12/2022 by Christine Morris

A Fully Connected Cold Chain With Burris Logistics

With cold chain logistics, every product that you deal with has very specific temperature requirements that you need to adhere to. These products are ending up on tables across the entire country, so you want to make your product arrives precisely the way it needs to be so it’s safe for human consumption. Because of this, cold chain logistics can be challenging to manage, and finding reliable providers can be frustrating. There are many moving parts of the cold chain that can be hard to follow and track. It would undoubtedly be helpful to find one provider that could offer you end-to-end cold chain management, from production to delivery. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Burris Logistics and Trinity Logistics working together could be the solutions you’ve been looking for to simplify your cold chain management. Keep reading to find out how we work better together to serve your complete cold chain.


Let’s start with Burris Logistics. What do they offer that can enable cold chain shippers and their businesses to thrive in the face of its complexities?

Quick Background

Burris Logistics has been around for 96 years. The company started as a produce hauler from southern Delmarva to Philadelphia. They quickly grew and expanded into the frozen food business and found their purpose as a driven food logistics provider. Today, they own 14 cold storage sites up and down the east coast and out into Midwest. Burris Logistics currently has a family of brands including Burris PRW Plus, Honor Foods, and Trinity Logistics.

Burris Logistics offers you logistics technology solutions that never sleep. With a Technology Team of over 100 Team Members, they work around the clock to provide you with technology resources designed to meet your specific needs.

From a Burris asset standpoint, they’re able to track all their trailers with ELD and reefer tracking, with the ability to ping the tractor and trailers to see where each of their assets are in real time. In addition, they have access to technology that can start and stop the units, reset them, or check temps on them, no matter the distance. With the complexities of cold chain transit and the current driver shortage, Burris works hard to put in place any technology that can make a driver’s job easier. They want to cut any obstacles drivers may face on the road while having any data be transparent to help both them and ultimately, any customers.

Burris also has technology for their cold storage warehouses. They focus on providing their customers with freshness, clarity, and visibility. They offer real-time monitoring and any differentiation from setpoints gets recorded. They make sure to get real-time data to those who need it should meaningful decisions need action, and have secondary and tertiary backups available.

Some of their other logistics technology offered are:

· Warehouse management system software

· Enterprise resource management

· Produce inspection tool

· External integrations

· Supply chain portal

· Demand planning

· Order status

· Delivery status

Burris Logistics works with you to create the best possible warehousing and distribution solutions. They’ll support you with a network of strategically located warehouses, 96 years of expertise, and a solution customized for your unique needs.

In a reflection of national trends, the newest and fastest-growing business line within Burris Logistics is their direct-to-consumer to support those in the cold chain e-commerce space. Through current resources and expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, Burris can deliver a premier frozen fulfillment network with cutting-edge technology, thought leadership, and warehouses across the country. Burris’s knowledge of shipping supplies, coolant technology, and two-day parcel shipping capability ensures quality is delivered with every package.

Facility Design is the process of considering new construction via greenfield facility sites or the re-purposing of an existing operation. Many companies are facing changing business needs, including the need for multi-channel execution. This makes the ability to scale up and scale down with various capabilities an essential part of planning. With partners who increase their dependency on Burris Logistics, they’ve been able to scale their operations to accommodate their programs with new locations, modifications to existing assets, and technology to keep the supply chain efficient. 

Your customers desire the right products, in place, at the right time. Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics company understands how important it is to have on-menu and on-shelf products available while also minimizing food waste. They can help you plan inbound and outbound freight, using logistics technology and their warehouses to maintain food quality and safety. 

With one of their other brands, Honor Foods, Burris offers Private Label In-house brands that have developed into trusted names amongst food service operators. These products undergo scrutinous selection and quality assurance knowing that our restaurant partners only accept the best. Your customers want what is trending, and Burris can help you meet this demand. Their brands come sourced from trusted shippers and can be a noticeable cost saving for you.

Burris Logistics understands that products need different environments, which is why their facilities can provide different temperatures and humidity, depending on your product. Newer warehouses are purposefully being built with ambient/dry storage space to accommodate increased partner needs. Additionally, their warehouses and distribution centers are in strategic locations near major transportation hubs and ports, making it easy to get your freight on the move quickly.


Quick Background

Trinity Logistics has been around for over 40 years. The company was started by the Banning family in Cambridge, Maryland. Throughout the years, the company grew and expanded as a non-asset-based third-party logistics company (3PL) and was acquired by Burris in 2019. The two companies saw similarities in company culture and future goals, deciding to unite for greater opportunities and offer more supply chain solutions for our customers.

Burris + Trinity = Better TogetherURRIS

What’s great for Trinity being part of the Burris Logistics family of brands is being able to offer more help to Burris customers. Trinity’s support helps Burris better assist some of the existing freight business they have for customers either coming back into their buildings or going to other places.

The addition of Trinity also offers Burris customers a wider variety of options in modes and technology, or even help outside of the cold chain. Trinity is very experienced in heavy haul moves or more complicated hazardous moves for the chemical industry. So, no matter the size of your company or freight, we have a solution for you. But, we’re here to talk about the cold chain, so let’s focus on refrigerated and frozen freight.

While it’s not always hard to find a refrigerated carrier, you do want to be selective. There are a lot of carriers out there, but Trinity has a robust vetting process in place. We make sure carriers hauling your freight have the right amount of insurance, requirements, and experience. In addition, we make sure these drivers are representing Burris and Trinity the way we need to and that our customers are getting their products delivered safely.

You might ask, how do we guarantee safety with our carrier network? Well, these carriers mean as much to us as our shipper customers do, so we build just as strong carrier relationships. We offer our carriers many different kinds of technologies for location tracking, temperature tracking, and so on. We make sure to continue to evolve our technology solutions to keep the shipping process easy and safe for both carriers and customers. Additionally, we have our communication. Our communication is one of our strongest assets to ensure both parties have their needs and solutions met. Our bottom line is bringing value and if we can do that, we’ll be successful.

We offer and use several different technologies like Macropoint or Fourkites, so we can ping shipments and know exactly where they are and what the temperature of the product is, giving our customers instant access to look at their freight. That’s just one piece of the technology puzzle.

Even with the technology available, we never lose contact with our customers. We strive to stay very People-Centric. Our technology only helps make it easier for our customers to view information, especially with our Customer Portal, giving them the ability to trace loads without having to reach out. It gives them access to see updates at any time of day and offers backend access to their invoices to answer billing questions, make payments online, or provide them with a breakdown of what each load costs, lumper fees, accessorials, or pallet exchanges. Our Customer Portal allows you to manage that piece of business on your own time and at your own speed. We’ll always be available, but the Portal and any of our technologies are there to bring you even more value and efficiency.

Current logistics technology available:

· Carrier Portal

· My Carrier Packet

· TriumphPay

· FourKites

· Trucker Tools

· MacroPoint

· Customer Portal

· Customized Transportation Management Solutions

· Banyan LTL

· DAT Book Now

· Trucker Tools Book It Now


We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to warehousing. That’s why we have warehouse providers with locations across the nation to allow you to scale your business at your own pace, plus our cold storage solutions with Burris Logistics. Our growing network supports reliable service and premier dry, refrigerated, or frozen solutions so you can focus on what you do best.


Our truckload service provides you with the means to get your freight moving quickly. Truckload is faster than traditional LTL or intermodal shipments which means your shipments can arrive on time and on schedule.


Our LTL service provides you with the means to get your freight hauled through a range of options. By leveraging our volume and extensive network of LTL carriers, we can provide you with lower rates for LTL shipments consisting of 1-10 pallets of either dry or temperature-controlled products.


You can add value to your supply chain by using this cost and environmentally-friendly shipping option. By shipping intermodal, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and have reliable and consistent capacity when over-the-road capacity can be tight.


Sometimes your freight is time-sensitive or needs less handling. When this happens, we can arrange over-the-road or air-expedited shipping. We’ll make sure your freight arrives on time and without stopping at terminals in between.


Your freight can be delivered from the port or rail right to your door, or from your door to the port or rail. Either way, we’ll save you money in the process. From servicing imports and exports, returning empty or full containers, helping you avoid unnecessary fees, long drayage options, or more, our Team is ready to help.


Arranging international shipments can be tricky and requires a lot of communication. If you are looking for help with arranging your Full Container Load, Less Than Container Load, door-to-door, or port-to-port services, we can help. We’ll be your intermediary with freight forwarders to arrange your air and ocean freight international shipments.


In this service, we combine our experienced account management and best-in-class transportation management technology to deliver you a customized solution that helps your company achieve its unique supply chain goals.


Experience in Cold Chain

For many reasons, Burris Logistics and Trinity work well together for cold chain shippers. First off is our combined years of experience. There are certain things in cold chain you can only learn from the experience of working with temperature-controlled shipments. For example, things like picking and loading fresh produce, understanding what those temperatures are and what they need to be for storage and transit, and keeping track of those temperatures. Or understanding how to move ice cream from the West Coast and knowing that you can’t go over the mountains; that you must travel around them so as not to cause shrinkage. By having years of experience and understanding of those complex situations and small details that make or break a cold chain shipment, you can trust your temperature-controlled freight is handled safely and correctly with Burris and Trinity.


Between both Burris and Trinity, we have incredible logistics technology available, but what differentiates us from others is that we keep in mind that logistics is still a “people” business. Technology will always be a tool for our Teams to use and bring logistics solutions to other people who need them. Therefore, we try to stay away from technology just for technology’s sake and make sure what we use and offer is always a valuable solution.


Because of our years of experience, we are well-versed and experienced in many different situations. We know when and how to pivot quickly and keep business moving forward. When issues arise, we work until they are resolved and keep open communication every step of the way. Having a solid relationship with experts like Burris and Trinity will prove to be your largest asset no matter what supply chain bottlenecks you may face

Flexible, Customized Solutions

Because our two businesses offer many options while keeping business People-Centric, it means you can find a solution that’s customized for your growing business and needs and your solution can be flexible. We know the cold chain and solutions aren’t static, they are ever-changing, so you need a provider that can keep up. By working with Burris and Trinity, you’ll never have to worry about changing up your logistics plan as we’re readily equipped to accommodate any changes you may need. In addition, we can help you stay flexible as one sole provider instead of working with several.

Visibility and End-to-End Cold Chain Management

As the cold chain sector continues to grow, there’s been a growing demand for efficiency and visibility throughout the supply chain. Companies don’t like to be left in the dark when it comes to the logistics of their temperature-controlled freight. Working with Burris and Trinity can not only give you a wide range of technology to gain visibility and provide you with all the logistics services you may need, thus making your cold chain efficient and transparent. We’ll provide you with dedicated, knowledgeable experts, increased productivity and workflows, and reduced complexity by working with Burris Logistics and their family of brands instead of several different providers.


Between Trinity and Burris, we have a substantial Team with a lot of experience in cold chain and knowledge about its potential pitfalls. As a result, we’ve created processes and different services so that we get it right the first time, every time we handle a cold chain shipment.

You can find value in our combined companies’ sizes and services offered. Cold chain logistics can be complicated and trying to do it all alone can be frustrating. That’s why we’re here to help you simplify it. You can count on Burris Logistics and Trinity to serve and support your cold chain all the way from production to delivery, and every step between.