Shipping Chemicals: Choose a 3PL that is Responsible

07/14/2020 by Christine Griffith

Shipping Chemicals: Choose a 3PL that is Responsible

What is Responsible Care®?

According to their website, Responsible Care® is the chemical manufacturing industry’s environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative. It is an international improvement initiative of the chemical industry. Companies of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) carry out Responsible Care®. Choosing a 3PL that is part of the Responsible Care® program can be a benefit to your company, especially when shipping chemicals.

Why is it beneficial to choose a 3PL that is Responsible Care® certified?

Working with a Responsible Care® certified broker holds many advantages for your company. The 3PL will:

  • understand the requirements to ship your chemicals
  • provide extensive carrier vetting
  • have a selection of many approved carriers
  • understands the liability of moving hazardous chemicals
  • be committed to doing all it can for sustainability

As of 2018, there are only 103 Responsible Care® Partner companies.

Only 24 of those are 3PLs.

How does Trinity Logistics use Responsible Care® when arranging chemical shipping?

Trinity Logistics has been Responsible Care® certified since 2009. Unlike most brokers, we carry Pollution Liability coverage. We chose to carry such insurance with Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHS&S) in mind. Spills happen and need to be remedied immediately. Pollution Liability covers costs associated with pollution clean-up, and liability claims for pollution-related injuries, illnesses or death.

Our main goal as a company is continuous improvement. To do better today than we did yesterday. We do this by selecting approved carriers given the information our customers provide regarding their chemical shipment.

Trinity Team Members mitigate risk to our customers and carriers through carrier vetting and thorough communication.

Carrier vetting

Carrier vetting avoids the selection of carriers not approved for particular shipments. Doing so reduces the risk for the loss of containment.

Only trained Team Members can select approved carriers for hazardous shipments. Required training takes place each year for those Team Members involved. This annual training keeps those Team Members up to date with any regulations or process changes regarding hazmat certification. Operating procedures are in place for shipments that need specific certifications, such as hazmat or Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT).

We have an entire team dedicated to vetting motor carriers. Our Carrier Relations & Development Team must verify the motor carrier’s operating authority, insurance, certifications, etc. before the carrier may be added in our database as an “approved” carrier.

Operations training

Our onboarding for new Team Members is extensive. Ongoing training is required to maintain the knowledge needed by a Team Member.

Trinity has a complete program to manage its process with chemical transportation. This includes compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements using system wide operating procedures.

Operations Team Members have a role in the sharing of this information. Team Members make sure information is correct and meets standards with our customers. They create shipping documents and communicate that information with the drivers. Communication is the most important part of process safety and is kept open with our customers, carriers, and our Compliance Team.

Outside of Arranging Chemical Shipping

Responsible Care® is much more than preventing and taking care of chemical spills. Responsible Care® is all about sustainability; how we take care of this earth now, so it is still here in the future.

Trinity has Responsible Care® rooted in its company culture. It is a green, environmentally friendly way of life that we have taken ahold of.

As stated by our point person for our Responsible Care® Management System,

Trinity’s purpose is to “continually improve people’s lives by constantly striving to be our best”. Implementing the Responsible Care® Management System, RCMS, drove greater visibility and accountability. It became an integral part of our daily operations. Having this system in place allows us to reduce risk and strive towards a sustainable future.”

Examples of our Responsible Care® initiatives at our offices include:

  • Battery recycling
  • Safety Data Sheets for every chemical in office
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Active shooter programs

We perform regular checks on our environmental, health, safety, and security performances. We then measure and define our improvement objectives.

Trinity Logistics upholds Responsible Care to keep all of our stakeholders safe. This includes our customers, carriers, Team Members, and our community.

Discover how our chemical customer, Albaugh, came to chose Trinity Logistics as their one source logistics provider in our case study.

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Originally posted February 3, 2020. Updated July 14, 2020 by Christine Griffith