Traceability in the Chemical Supply Chain

07/08/2020 by Christine Griffith

Traceability in the Chemical Supply Chain

The chemical industry adheres to strict regulations with their products. With those regulations can come recalls and audits. To stay ahead of those headaches, traceability is needed in the supply chain for chemical manufacturers. Gaining traceability can help prevent possible recalls and offer preparedness for audits, while bringing many other benefits.

Shared Data

To get the greatest benefit from supply chain traceability, data needs to be easily shared across supply chain partners. The use of technology for end-to-end supply chain traceability is vital for recording and exchanging data with all. Having transparency amongst all supply chain partners brings accountability and trust.

Replace Manual Processes

Even today, a lot of traceability processes are still manual. It often takes contacting many individuals through phone or email to get the information you need. Using technology for traceability in the supply chain helps eliminate those manual processes. With current technology, you can find the information you need in minutes with one application.

Improve Customer Service

With all supply chain partners having transparency, there is great potential for customer service to be improved. Distributors can better manage their delivery times, improving communication and customer satisfaction. Retailers can provide consumers with access to product information, building loyalty and relationships. Shippers can see shipment activity and schedule heavy or light volumes, creating happier transportation partners. From end to end of the chain, it improves consumer satisfaction.

Quick Problem Solving

Traceability allows you to be more proactive should you need to cancel an order, stop a production cycle, have products re-inspected, etc. It gives you the opportunity to quickly detect problems and deliver greater service by providing solutions and visible communication right away.

Better Stock Management

Easily meet customer demand by knowing what is going on within your supply chain. Tracking and tracing shipments and orders leads to more efficient stock management. With better management brings the potential for costs savings.

Traceability With TMS

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are one of the technologies available to gain traceability in your supply chain. They allow function and resources for all supply chain stakeholders. To reduce cost, working with a third-party logistics (3PL), such as Trinity Logistics, can give you access to their TMS technology, as well as their experience in supply chain solutions.

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Creating a connected supply chain adds value and strengthens those relationships with all stakeholders. It makes a company more desirable to work with and to buy from. The smallest of details can make a difference in the success of a company. Traceability is one of those finer details in your chemical supply chain that you can’t be without.

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